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Chameleon-like plasma application potential

Cold atmospheric plasma is adaptable – also for your particular area of application

Plasma can cope with a wide range of conditions and application areas. With our different and patented basic technologies, we already work together with small, medium and global companies in these areas:

Medizintechnik - Anwendungsbereich
Medical technology
Hygiene - Anwendungsbereich
Anwendungsbereich - Wassermanagement

Water treatment

Geruchsmanagement - Anwendungsbereich
Odour management

Cold plasma is characterized by:

  • Effectiveness against bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and biofilms – e.g. 6 log reduction of bacteria within 30 sec
  • Effective reduction of odours by splitting up covalent compounds – e.g. elimination of odours in air streams or textiles (process of “Electron Impact Dissociation“)
  • Applicability to a wide variety of materials with variable geometry – e.g. thermolabile surfaces, textiles, plastics or metal
  • Treatment of patients or living tissues and cells – as demonstrated in the extensive clinical studies performed.

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