Clinical trial with cold atmospheric plasma

The first clinical trial with cold plasma successfully completed!

The first clinical trial with cold plasma was successfully completed in 2014. The cooperation partners were Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, the Munich Municipal Hospital, the University Hospital RegensburgAdtec Ltd. and terraplasma GmbH.

In this study lasting eight years a total of 379 patients were treated with cold plasma in an add-on process. The plasma device used in this study is called “MicroPlaSter”.

The clinical study yielded the following results:

Chronic Wounds

  • Highly significant reduction of bacteria (irrespective of species and the resistance level of the bacteria to antibiotics) in the wounds treated with plasma as compared to untreated wounds 
    [Isbary et al. BJD 2010 Isbary et al. BJD 2012]

  • Evidence of enhanced and faster wound healing
    [Isbary et al. CPMJ 2013]

Acute wounds

  • Faster and improved healing of skin lesions when treated with plasma as compared to untreated acute wounds
    [Heinlin et al. Wound Rep. Reg. 2013]

Herpes Zoster

  • Faster healing of lesions

  • Reduction of acute pain
    [Isbary et al. CPMJ 2014]

Additionally, several case reports were submitted: e.g. treatment of lesions due to Hailey-Hailey disease, treatment of an infected atopic eczema, treatment of ear infections with ESBL + E. coli germs [Isbary et al. Archiv. Dermatol. 2011, Isbary et al. New Microbes and New Infections 2014].

All results can be found in the final official clinical trial report and in scientific publications.