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SteriPlas – the innovation in wound treatment

The SteriPlas is a wound management system and uses a patented plasma head which produces cold atmospheric plasma for treating chronic infected and acute wounds.

In a clinical study with 379 patients and more than 3500 plasma treatments it was shown that the SteriPlas is

The plasma device SteriPlas was introduced into the market in August 2015 by our business partner and licensee – the company Adtec Ltd.

Further information on the SteriPlas can be found on:

Adtec SteriPlas

Our subsidiary companies

Logo terraplasma medical

terraplasma medical GmbH was founded on March 23, 2016 by the two companies terraplasma GmbH and Dynamify GmbH.

terraplasma medical GmbH develops medical devices for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds using cold atmospheric plasma. Our first device – the plasma care® – is tailored to the needs of doctors, nurses and patients – it is small, compact and battery-operated with a large treatment area.

The plasma care® effectively inactivates all kind of bacteria – regardless of the specie and the resistance level to antibiotics – in the wound without inducing any side effects.

Logo terraplasma emission control

terraplasma emission control GmbH was established as a subsidiary of terraplasma GmbH to post-treat exhaust gases in order to reduce exhaust emissions.

Our projects

We are currently working on various projects with different SMEs as well as global companies, in the fields of medical technology, hygiene, water treatment and odour management. For confidentiality reasons we are not able to divulge all these projects at this point in time.

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