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Projects and references

We are currently working on various projects with different companies in the fields of medical technology, hygiene, water treatment, odour management and air purification. For confidentiality reasons we are not able to divulge all these projects at this point in time.

Products with our technology

plasma care® – portable painless disinfection of wounds

Applying cold atmospheric plasma generated by the SMD technology, the plasma care® inactivates microorganisms in acute and chronic wounds.

For this purpose, the device is placed on or above the wound in combination with a spacer (sterile disposable item). The start button activates the plasma production and the generated gaseous active components (reactive plasma species) reach the wound surface without additional flow, i.e. by pure diffusion. The plasma species react with the microorganisms in the wound, the microenvironment is modified and thus the healing of the wound is improved. Human cells are protected by their cell structure (unlike bacteria, for example) and by protective mechanisms in the cell. Therefore, they are not damaged by the plasma species within the therapeutic window.

The therapeutic use of plasma technology is now widely renowned. Nevertheless, terraplasma medical has decided to carry out a clinical trial with the plasma care® treating patients with chronic wounds, which has already started off.

The plasma care® is manufactured and distributed by our subsidiary and our licensee terraplasma medical GmbH. Further information on the plasma care® and the current clinical study can be found under:

plasma care mit Abstandhalter

plasma care® and a sterile single-use spacer

Development projects

Licensing projects

The microwave plasma technology for the treatment of wounds and skin diseases was licensed to Adtec Ltd. Details can be found under

Research projects

We are currently working on numerous research projects with various institutes and research facilities. Click on the logos for more details.