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Cool projects and products with our technology

We are currently working on various projects with different companies in the fields of medical technology, hygiene, water treatment, odour management and air purification. For confidentiality reasons we are not able to divulge all these projects at this point in time.

Products with our technology

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plasma care mit Abstandhalter

plasma care®

Mobile cold plasma device for the painless treatment of wounds

Treatment of acute and chronic wounds with cold atmospheric plasma

Applying cold atmospheric plasma generated by the SMD technology, the plasma care® inactivates microorganisms in acute and chronic wounds.

For this purpose, the device is placed on or above the wound in combination with a spacer (sterile disposable item). The start button activates the plasma production and the generated gaseous active components (reactive plasma species) reach the wound surface without additional flow, i.e. by pure diffusion. The plasma species react with the microorganisms in the wound, the microenvironment is modified and thus the healing of the wound is improved. Human cells are protected by their cell structure (unlike bacteria, for example) and by protective mechanisms in the cell. Therefore, they are not damaged by the plasma species within the therapeutic window.

The therapeutic use of plasma technology is now widely renowned. Nevertheless, terraplasma medical has decided to carry out a clinical trial with the plasma care® treating patients with chronic wounds, which has already started off.

The plasma care® is manufactured and distributed by our subsidiary and our licensee terraplasma medical GmbH. Further information on the plasma care® and the current clinical study can be found under:

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plasma intensive care®

New development for mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients

Reduction of corona viruses and other germs in the throat with cold atmospheric plasma

Based on the plasma care® device and thus including the SMD technology, the plasma intensive care® device is currently being developed. This is a small unit that is intended to reduce the risk of secondary infection in ventilated pandemic patients (e.g. intubated COVID-19 patients). For an effective reduction of bacteria and viruses in the upper respiratory tract, the oral cavity along with the throat are flooded with plasma-activated airflow. Due to its gaseous properties, the plasma-activated air is distributed evenly and reaches not only the oral cavity and throat but also areas difficult to access, e.g. the nose.

The plasma species react with the microorganisms in the entire upper respiratory tract and can thus potentially prevent the spread of germs into the lungs (secondary pneumonia).

The newly developed ventilation adapter for the plasma intensive care® device is already patented and first in vitro studies demonstrate a reduction of Enterococcus mundtii on agar by about 4.5 log levels (>99.99% inactivated bacteria). Further investigations in cooperation with the AG von Brunn at the Max-von-Pettenkofer Institute in Munich confirm first indications that cold atmospheric plasma can also inactivate corona viruses in solution.

The plasma intensive care® is being developed and tested by our subsidiary and licensee – terraplasma medical GmbH. Further information on the plasma intensive care® can be found at:

Development projects

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Happy Toe

Our solution against nail fungus

Fighting nail fungus with cold atmospheric plasma

Athlete’s foot is one of the most common infectious diseases of the skin. If it remains undetected or untreated for a long time, the infection can spread to the toenails. Therefore, athlete’s foot is the most common cause of nail mycosis. The treatment of nail mycosis is lengthy: it can take up to 18 months before it is completely cured.
terraplasma is currently developing a small, mobile, battery-powered device for the treatment of nail mycosis. A first functional prototype with the patented plasma technology has already been developed – the so-called “Happy Toe” impresses with its simple operation via a touch button on the top of the device. The segmented plasma ring gives feedback throughout the plasma treatment and the battery symbol indicates the charging status. Charging is done via an inductive charging unit. The treatment is carried out within a spacer for each toe individually, sealed off by a single-use foil. Changing the foil before each treatment prevents (re)infection on the same or another patient and thus enables hygienic work.
First tests with the nail fungus Trichophyton rubrum show a high reduction of the fungus in the nail after a single 30-minute plasma treatment which is comparable to a single dose of 3 µl triazole antifungal. Moreover, no side effects of plasma can be expected. (empirical values, so far, no concrete studies on side effects have been conducted up to now)

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Little Plasma

The all-rounder against everyday germs

Reduction of bacteria and viruses on consumer goods by cold amtospheric plasma

In times of Corona one fact clearly emerged from a drastic reality: viruses can be deadly. Additionally, other microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi on surfaces can also cause health troubles in daily life. Germs accumulate on many objects of everyday life, which they can cause diseases or infections. With the qualities of cold atmospheric plasma, we are fighting this vicious circle.
Our proprietary development “Little Plasma” is a scalable container with patented plasma technology for the reduction of germs on everyday consumer materials (such as respiratory masks, make-up utensils, brushes, baby accessories, etc.). This system is clearly superior to existing systems, as the use of cold atmospheric plasma result in an effective reduction of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces without leaving negative residues or attacking the treated (e.g. heat-sensitive) surfaces.
On the one hand, the reduction of micro-organisms prevents the transfer of such, e.g. bacteria from colonised make-up brushes to facial areas, and thus protects against skin irritations or infections. On the other hand, the plasma treatment extends the usability of articles of daily use (e.g. respiratory masks) so that they can be used for longer period of time, thus the amount of waste is reduced.
In the course of this project a first functional prototype has already been developed. It is controlled via a touch display in the lid. The device is battery powered and can be charged using a standard inductive charging station. The current treatment volume is about 500 ml with a footprint of 20 x 5 cm². A toothbrush, a breathing mask or sunglasses, for example, can be easily accommodated.

This project is supported by the program for research, development and innovation of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs “Bayern Innovativ” (Baytp).

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Disinfection of contact lenses

Healthy eyes thanks to cold palsma

Reduction of germs on weekly or monthly lenses for the safety of the eye

Infections of the cornea are a major cause of vision loss worldwide and are caused by germs such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses or Acanthamoeba. Contaminated contact lenses are a high risk for transmitting these germs.
The aim of this unique project is the development of a miniaturized functional module for the generation of “Plasma Activated Water” (PAW) in order to disinfect contact lenses. Preliminary research with a first laboratory prototype proved high inactivation rates of up to 99.99999% for bacteria (Enterococcus mundtii, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus cohnii) within a treatment time of only 60 s (tests according to ISO 14729).
The current focus of further development lies primarily on the miniaturization of the technology, based on patented or patent-pending proprietary developments of the plasma sources.

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Treatment of fruit and vegetables

The extra freshness kick for fruit and vegetables

Extention of shelf life of fruit and vegetables with plasma-activated water

The aim of this unique project is the development of a functional model for the production of “Plasma Activated Water” (PAW) in order to reduce bacteria and fungi on fruit and vegetables. The surface micro-discharge technology patented by terraplasma will be used to generate a cold atmospheric plasma by means of micro-discharges using ambient air and energy. These micro discharges generate reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, which are dissolved into the water by appropriate introduction. The then “plasma-activated water” reduces the bacterial and fungal load on fruit and vegetables, thus reducing the potential risk of infection for the consumers and prolonging the shelf life of these products.
This functional model can be deployed for private use at home and at any workplaces related to the food industry business.

This project is funded by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (German Aerospace Centre) (DLR).

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Air treatment

Inhale fresh air at any time

Air treatment with cold atmospheric plasma for cleaning indoor air

The aim of this unique project is the development of an air purification module for the treatment of indoor air using cold atmospheric plasma. Within the process of developing the module, it needs to be ensured that the module is scalable with regard to the air volume for cleaning and the combination with various filter techniques. The core of this module is an innovative miniaturized plasma source developed by terraplasma.
The system will be composed of an atmospheric cold plasma source, an electrostatic filter, a fan and a miniaturized energy supply to efficiently remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores as well as allergens, odour molecules, organic air pollutants (hydrocarbons, aldehydes, etc.) and inorganic air pollutants (NO2, CO2, etc.) from the air.
This air purification module can be used at private homes but also at work (as a small or medium-sized air purification unit), in motor vehicles of all kinds or in air traffic.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany (BWMi).