Numerous applications of Cold Plasma

With our Cold Plasma Solutions, new and innovative ways can be found to combat microorganisms. Without additional chemicals and without heat or cold, decontamination – from disinfection to sterilisation – can be achieved sustainably, safely and using only ambient air and energy. An almost infinite number of possible applications can be realised.

Plasmawirbel 1

Just disinfect without stress.

With our Cold Plasma Solutions, new and innovative ways can be found in the fight against microorganisms. Decontamination, disinfection or sterilization can be achieved without additional chemicals and without heat or cold which is completely sustainable, safe and it only uses the ambient air and energy. An almost infinite number of possible uses can be realized.


The scalable concept for efficient disinfection of objects. Test our prototype.

Kimetec CBC PlasmaEgg®

The world's first mobile disinfection device without chemicals, UV, heat or cold. Find out more about this product innovation.

Odour management.
Truly removing unpleasant odors.

Odor management using cold plasma plays an important role – because odor molecules and bacteria in textiles often cause bad smells. With our solutions for cold plasma, you neutralize them efficiently and can thus do without conventional cleaning with detergents, fragrances, water and other chemicals. Simply glide over clothing and effectively eliminate odors immediately – saving time and money.


With our solution, you can destroy odour molecules and bacteria in a wide variety of textiles. Test our prototype.

Bosch FreshUp

The first mobile solution for freshening textiles and combating allergens on clothing without any chemicals. Find out more about this innovative product.

Kaltes Plasma im Geruchsmanagement

Water purification.
Safe and easy clean.

Clean drinking water and clean teeth thanks to cold plasma – for instance, water filters can be cleaned directly on site by our Cold Plasma Solutions CPS, thus increasing the service life of the filter solutions. On the other hand, you can clean your teeth, dentures or toothbrush attachments with Plasma Activated Water (PAW). PAW is highly effective and at the same time harmless, as it consists only of tap water to which energy is specifically added.


Effective purification of water without additional chemicals or exposure to heat. Test our prototype.

Genuine effects only with air and energy.

The use of Cold Plasma in cosmetics has proven itself: treat problem skin effectively – with our solutions for cold plasma you support the faster healing of acne or rosacea and thus promote skin regeneration.

plasma beauty care®

The dual mode of action of the Cold Plasma also achieves excellent results in cosmetic treatments.

plasma beauty care®

Tried and tested in daily use in beauty salons: the dual mode of action of cold plasma also achieves excellent results in cosmetic skin treatments.

Oberflächenmodifikation mit Kaltem Plasma von terraplasma

Surface treatment.
Procure as you like.

When treating surfaces with our Cold Plasma Solutions CPS, cold plasma is applied to the surface of materials in order to change their properties. This makes them easier to work with (e.g. to apply paint)

Product development

Develop products for surface treatment with cold plasma together with us.

Air purification.
Only with energy and air.

Perform air purification efficiently with cold plasma: With our cold plasma solutions, novel solutions for the innovative control of unwanted air components can be offered, which help to reduce waste and costs. Because with our solution, not only air, but also filters can be cleaned during operation.


Our solution for efficient air and filter cleaning. Test our prototype.

Kaltes Plasma in der Luftreinigung
Kaltes Plasma in der Medizin

Medical technology.
Wound healing faster and safer.

Let wounds heal faster with our solutions for cold plasma – because cold plasma not only deactivates the bacteria, but also stimulates the tissue to form new skin cells and thus accelerate wound healing. Our subsidiary terraplasma medical is the first choice when it comes to medical applications of cold plasma on patients.

plasma care®

The innovative product is the ingenious solution for fast and efficient wound healing.

More yield with less chemistry.

Better harvests, longer shelf life: In agriculture, we are exploring cold plasma as a means to improve plant growth, increase crop yields, enhance the nutritional value of plants and extend the shelf life of crops.

Product development

Work with us to develop sustainable products for cold plasma agriculture - eliminating the need for additional chemicals.

Haltbarkeit von Gemüse verlängern - Kaltes Plasma in der Landwirtschaft

Easy to breathe again.

House dust mites, fungal spores, animal hair and pollen – allergens are omnipresent and can significantly reduce the quality of life of those affected. Instead of simply removing them, our solutions with cold plasma render allergen molecules harmless and thus contribute to well-being.

Product development

Work with us to develop sustainable products for agriculture with cold plasma - no need for additional chemicals.

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