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Since 2011 terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off from the internationally renowned Max Planck Society, has been offering expertise in the field of cold atmospheric plasmas. The application areas covered are medical technology, hygiene, water treatment, odour management and air purification.

Located in the north of Munich and offering a broad range of services – based on our existing patents in the area of cold atmospheric plasmas – we can provide unique features for your existing products or we can expand your product portfolio. Already existing products with our technology can be found here.

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Our subsidiary company

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terraplasma medical GmbH is a subsidiary of terraplasma GmbH and was founded on 23/03/2016.

Since its development and approval as a class IIa medical device in June 2019, terraplasma medical GmbH has been distributing the cold plasma device plasma care® together with the company Viromed GmbH. With the plasma care®, medical professionals can treat acute and chronic wounds with cold atmospheric plasma with only minimal contact with the patient, their wound or intact skin. You can find more information about the plasma care® here.

Our team

<b>PD Dr. Julia Zimmermann</b>
PD Dr. Julia ZimmermannManaging Drector, CEO
<b>Dipl.-Ing. Rico Unger</b>
Dipl.-Ing. Rico UngerManaging Director, CTO
<b>Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gregor Morfill</b>
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gregor MorfillCSO
<b>Maximilian Cantzler</b>
Maximilian CantzlerProject Manager
<b>Zeynep Hisarli</b>
Zeynep HisarliStudent Assistant
<b>Karin Kolmberger</b>
Karin KolmbergerAdministrative Coordinator
<b>Annika Krömer</b>
Annika KrömerStudent Assistant
<b>Markus Mair</b>
Markus MairR&D Engineer
<b>Mariana Martínez Pacheco</b>
Mariana Martínez PachecoR&D Engineer
<b>Robert Schober</b>
Robert SchoberR&D Engineer
<b>Claudia Seidel</b>
Claudia SeidelBiologist
<b>Hannes Weilemann</b>
Hannes WeilemannProject Manager
CookiePart-Time Office Dog

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