Agriculture with Cold Plasma

More yield with fewer chemicals.

In agriculture, we are investigating Cold Plasma as a means to enhance plant growth, increase crop yields and enrich the nutritional value of crops. It has the potential to significantly reduce pathogen levels on produce, extend shelf life and reduce spoilage – the best starting point for developing sustainable solutions that can increase overall crop yield without additional chemistry.

Haltbarkeit von Gemüse verlängern - Kaltes Plasma in der Landwirtschaft
Haltbarkeit von Gemüse verlängern - Kaltes Plasma in der Landwirtschaft

Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is a type of water that is produced by exposing water to cold plasma, which leads, among other things, to the formation of reactive substances, but also (depending on the design) to the formation of nitrogen compounds.

In agriculture, we are investigating PAW as a possible alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Initial studies have already shown that PAW can have a positive effect on plant growth, root development and crop yield.

In addition, properly designed PAW also has biocidal properties that make it an effective means of combating plant diseases.

Your company and Cold Plasma

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