Cold Plasma against allergies

Just breath again.

Diverse and yet uniformly little appreciated by all: Allergens are substances that can trigger hypersensitivity reactions (allergic reactions) via mediation of the immune system. These include allergies, pseudoallergies and intolerances. Since allergens (mostly proteins or protein compounds) have no chemical commonalities, it is not possible to develop a chemical that destroys them. Cold plasma, on the other hand, offers very promising approaches for combating certain allergens due to its physical mode of action.


Our modules against allergens

House dust mites, fungal spores, animal hair and pollen – allergens are omnipresent and reduce the quality of life of those affected, sometimes considerably. Instead of merely removing them, our cold plasma solutions render allergen molecules harmless, thus contributing to well-being.

Cold plasma is highly effective against allergens in the air or in textiles and is harmless to humans and animals. Whether in the vacuum cleaner, mobile textile freshener, room fan, air conditioner or other devices – our cold plasma solutions can be integrated everywhere. 

Simple integration into your product

The compact size of the module components and the scalability of the system make it easy to integrate into existing products.

Only the size of the plasma source is specified, which is supplied in a protective housing as a complete pluggable unit. The compact control electronics and the power supply can be supplied in different board shapes on request to enable the most flexible integration possible.

We would be very happy to support you in integrating the module components into your product. Through numerous projects with various companies, we have extensive experience in the integration of our plasma modules – contact us about it.

Your business and Cold Plasma

Find exactly the right application from the variety of possibilities. Individually for your product. Talk to us about the possibilities of using cold plasma for you and your product!

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