Medical technology with cold plasma

Innovation on the patient and in the device.

The plasma care® product line is conveniently designed for mobile use by doctors and nurses. The device is functional, user-friendly and aesthetically designed at the same time. The spacer guarantees hygienic use.

Kaltes Plasma in der Medizin

Our product plasma care®

The plasma care® is a handy and mobile medical device for wound treatment using cold atmospheric plasma. It is approximately the size and weight of a telephone receiver and has a battery capacity that is sufficient for about 120 treatments. It can therefore be used by outpatient wound specialists, but also in clinical and office-based settings.

To guarantee sterile treatment and avoid cross-contamination, the plasma care® is used in combination with a sterile-packed spacer. The following rule applies: One spacer per patient and wound. The treatment area per wound area is 13 cm². For larger wounds, the spacer can be used up to 6 times within one treatment session (total area about 73 cm²). Afterwards, the spacer is invalid and must be disposed off.

For more information, please contact our subsidiary terraplasma medical.

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