terraplasma receives U.S. patent for Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

U.S. patent granted to terraplasma, the innovation leader in the development and implementation of cold atmospheric plasma (cold plasma for short) applications. The United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) granted a patent under the number US 11,628,050B2 for the "Apparatus and method for treating objects, in particular teeth and dentures". The invention relates in detail to a device and method for treating, in particular cleaning objects (in particular dental objects and/or teeth) with so-called "Plasma Activated Water (PAW)".

This Plasma Activated Water (so named because of the scientifically detectable, short-lived reactive plasma species such as nitrogen and oxygen compounds) allows objects to be disinfected easily, safely and without the use of additional chemicals.

The handling of the terraplasmaWater prototype is very simple: the compact device is filled with normal tap water. After pressing the button, the air plasma generated in the device is blown into the water for one minute, creating Plasma Activated Water (PAW), which retains its effect for a few minutes and then returns to normal (disinfected) tap water. In this way, objects (such as braces or dentures) can be cleaned in the device itself or the Plasma Activated Water can be used as a sustainable mouth rinse. In addition to deactivating microorganisms, this mouth rinse also provides – when used several times – a gentle whitening effect of the teeth.

Oral hygiene without additional chemicals

Thanks to the mouthwash with PAW, a similar cleaning effect can be achieved as with conventional mouthwashes – but completely without the use of additional chemicals. The negative environmental impact of classically produced mouthwashes cannot be ignored: first, the chemicals for mouthwashes must be produced, stored, filled and finally transported to the point of sale in an energy-intensive process. After use, they end up in rivers or sewage treatment plants, where they disrupt the important interaction of many bacterial species, reducing the cleaning effect (in clarifiers or water bodies, for example).

Cold plasma is the future of disinfection

The application of cold plasma (or low-temperature plasma) is a novel technology for disinfection that can kill even antibiotic-resistant microorganisms at room temperature in a time-saving manner, not only on surfaces but also in water and even through clothing. This makes Cold Plasma suitable for disinfection of air, surfaces, objects, hand disinfection, but also for treatment of poorly healing chronic wounds. Cold plasma offers a large variety of different applications, which terraplasma is currently researching and implementing together with its partners.

Press release

Aerosol-assisted cold plasma technology from terraplasma for disinfecting surfaces reaches important milestone

Cold atmospheric plasma (cold plasma for short) is already proving its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic and acute wounds by reducing microorganisms without contact or chemicals. Viruses, fungi and bacteria, including multi-resistant pathogens (MRE), are efficiently and sustainably destroyed by cold plasma. It therefore made sense to extend this active principle to other areas of application, such as the disinfection of objects and surfaces. With a prototype called “tpTop”, a handy and mobile cold plasma decontamination device with aerosol support, it has now been possible to deactivate up to 99.9% of microorganisms within a few seconds of treatment. This opens up new application possibilities for the future, such as the fast and sustainable disinfection of surfaces of all kinds.

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Event notice

Cold plasma, biotech and life science: terraplasma shows sustainable innovations in Munich

“replacing chemicals. the sustainable way.” Under this motto, the innovation leader from Garching near Munich promotes the many different possible uses of cold plasma technology in the areas of biotech and life science. Cold plasma is perfect for replacing conventional disinfection solutions with chemicals, UV, heat or radiation, for example, and thus enables true sustainability. An excellently suitable platform is the BayOConnect event, in which terraplasma actively participates as an exhibitor.

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Press release

Effective against PFAS: terraplasma successfully tests its own cold plasma technology for water treatment

Successful initial attempts to treat drinking water contaminated with PFAS: this is how terraplasma, the innovation leader in the area of development and implementation of applications with cold atmospheric plasma (in short: cold plasma or cold plasma), succeeded with its self-developed energy-saving cold plasma technology for water treatment alongside other substances such as For example, microorganisms and PFAS can be significantly reduced in a measurable way. In a first, larger series of tests with real water samples from a southern Bavarian PFAS hotspot, some of the so-called “forever chemicals” were reduced by up to almost 30%. Reason enough for the company to further optimize its technology and, together with potential partners, develop it into a ready-made solution for water treatment.

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