Plasma Modules.

Our "ready2go" technology for your Product.

Our concentrated know-how in the form of compact hardware: Our cold plasma module offers everything that you as a customer need for integration. In principle, our modules always consist of two components: there is the control board with the integrated power supply and, separately from it, the actual plasma source, which is designed as an exchangeable cassette depending on the application.

This concept has several advantages: the subdivision of the components allows for the greatest possible flexibility in design. The ability to change the plasma source allows for quick and easy replacement in the event of a fault – this also plays into sustainability. In addition, separating the components offers advantages in terms of EMC values.

Versuchsaufbau von terraplasma
Modul terraplasmaClean mit Plasmaquelle

Compact and robust.
Ready to be integrated.

Basically, our modules for cold plasma only require an external power supply and run independently. However, it is of course possible to integrate the operation of the module into the user interface of existing devices. We support you so that you can quickly integrate the module and draw on extensive experience in successfully completed customer projects.

Your company and Cold Plasma

Find exactly the right application from the variety of possibilities. Individually for your product. Talk to us about the possibilities of using cold plasma for you!

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