Odour management with Cold Plasma

Truly deactivate odours.

Odours in clothing and textiles are caused by odour molecules and bacteria which are unpleasant. Washing a piece of clothing immediately because of bad odours is often not only expensive, but also pollutes the environment and the clothing itself. In addition, there are textiles that can only be dry-cleaned in a time-consuming process – this method is also expensive and not very sustainable.

Kaltes Plasma im Geruchsmanagement
Modul terraplasmaFresh mit Plasmaquelle

* Appearance and size of the module are customizable

Our terraplasmaFresh product idea

Compact, powerful and fully scalable – with our terraplasmaFresh product idea, we offer a complete hardware solution for odour management and allergen control with cold plasma that can be integrated into your product.

In addition to the compact plasma cassette, terraplasmaFresh consists of powerful microelectronics that safely and reliably generate the high voltage of 4000 volts required to operate the plasma source from the 24 volt operating voltage. Mobile operation is also possible with a suitable rechargeable battery.

In addition to its compact dimensions, terraplasmaFresh is characterised by its scalability: a larger area can be treated by connecting several modules in parallel. The same applies to the power supply – this can also be scaled to individual requirements.

Easy integration into your product

The compact size of terraplasmaFresh and the scalability of the system make it easy to integrate into existing products.

The only specification is the size of the plasma source, which is supplied in a protective housing as a complete plug-in unit. The compact control electronics and power supply can be supplied on request in various PCB shapes to enable the most flexible integration possible.

We are happy to support you in integrating the components into your product. Thanks to numerous projects with various companies, we have extensive experience in the integration of our technology – contact us today.

Your company and cold plasma against odours

Would you like to find out more about our terraplasmaFresh product idea and are considering developing an innovative product with us? Then talk to us about the many possibilities of using terraplasmaFresh for your own product innovations!

Bosch FreshUp - der Textilerfrischer mit Kaltem Plasma

Scientifically proven performance

As part of extensive scientific tests, we were able to prove the efficiency of our technology. For example, 99.9% of all bacteria on the treated fabric were deactivated within one minute. Various odour molecules such as tobacco smoke, fried fat, fried onions, artificial food odours, smoked bacon and ham and anchovies can be completely dissolved.

Switch on the appliance and place it on the textile to be treated. Activate the two pressure sensors by pressing lightly and start the odour reduction process – the LED lights up blue. Wipe the pressed device over the textile to remove the odour – done!

Technical data of the FreshUp

  • Compact device for odour elimination: Over 300 odour molecules can be deactivated
  • Odour management for a wide range of fabrics: e.g. cotton, silk, wool, linen, synthetic fibres and many more
  • 99.9 % bacteria reduction in 1 min
  • Deactivation of allergens
  • No shadow effect: disinfection in ducts/cavities/textiles possible
  • Mobile use thanks to rechargeable battery
  • Customised design: can be adapted – so different housing designs are possible
  • Scalable technology enables both miniaturisation and expansion

Bosch FreshUp®

Freshen up your clothes in no time at all. The FreshUp is the first effective, portable device against unpleasant odours on textiles – without the addition of chemicals. It also eliminates allergens, pollen, bacteria and viruses. Pack it in your suitcase, rucksack or handbag to dissolve odour molecules and allergens anytime, anywhere.
  • Compact size
  • Easy to charge
  • Long running time
  • Simple and clear operation
  • Made in Germany

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