Cosmetics with Cold Plasma

Proven results.

Cosmetics and Cold Plasma are perfect for each other: Cold Plasma is a purely natural product, as it is ambient air that is specifically energised. As a so-called partially ionised gas, it does not cause any allergies and is also free of any side effects. The effect of Cold Plasma on skin cells has been medically researched for more than ten years and this technology is already being used successfully to accelerate wound healing.

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Our terraplasmaSkin product idea

In Cold Plasma treatment, energy is only used directly at the plasma source to ionise parts of the ambient air. However, no current flows through the skin, which prevents burns such as those caused e.g. by lasers.

Particularly suitable areas of application for terraplasmaSkin are the accompanying acne therapy, the use as an add-on to all mechanical and thermal treatment methods such as mechanical cleansing and microneedling.

terraplasmaSkin is also suitable as anti-ageing support to prepare the skin for intensive treatments. Remarkable: The device is particularly easy to use and its small size and light weight make it ideal to always have with you.

Acne is a "youth" widespread disease

With a probability of occurrence of almost 100 percent, acne is the number one skin disease in adolescence and puberty. While a majority of 60 per cent of cases are mild acne that can be treated with non-prescription products, the remaining 40 per cent are acute or even chronic cases that require medical treatment. The latter type of acne often poses a therapeutic challenge as it is associated with acute lesions (destroyed cell tissue), severe inflammation and rapid scarring. In addition, patients with acne often suffer from low self-esteem, reduced quality of life and depression.

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Cold plasma against acne bacteria

Acne infections are mainly caused by the anaerobic bacterium Cutibacterium acnes. Therefore, terraplasmaSkin will produce Cold Plasma that is able to efficiently inactivate these bacteria, which are mainly located in follicles and pores (and therefore difficult to reach with creams and liquids), without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

A further aim is to design the Cold Plasma in such a way that it improves the absorption of antibacterial creams and liquids and is effective against other skin diseases and irritations. Initial preliminary studies have shown very positive results when using cold plasma on the skin: on the one hand, Cold Plasma stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and, on the other hand, it opens the skin pores, allowing creams and externally administered medication to be better absorbed.

Your company and cold plasma in cosmetics

Would you like to find out more about our terraplasmaSkin product idea and are considering developing an innovative product with us? Then talk to us about the many possibilities of using terraplasmaSkin for your own product innovations!

Kaltes Plasma in der Kosmetik

plasma beauty care®

Tried and tested in dermatology, effective in the beauty parlour. plasma beauty care produces cold plasma for treating the skin. This consists of energised molecules, ions and electrons that have a dual effect on the skin: it inactivates bacteria and combats blemishes, spots and stressed skin. At the same time, it activates cell division, cell metabolism and blood circulation in the skin, thereby promoting skin regeneration. Cold plasma therapy is used as a complementary treatment wherever bacteria or germs could be a problem or where the skin needs to heal or regenerate:

  • after manual skin cleansing
  • after all mechanical treatments, e.g. microneedling
  • after thermal treatment, e.g. laser
  • before intensive cures
  • Accompanying the treatment of acne and rosacea

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