Why Cold Plasma?

Innovation, efficiency, sustainability, safety, simplicity, cost efficient - there are many good reasons and benefits why one should integrate our patented Cold Plasma Solutions (CPS) into your product.

Truly novel.
Real USP for your product.

With the integration of our Cold Plasma Solutions - you can successfully set yourself apart from your competitors with genuine innovation. Differentiate yourself and gain an edge in your market environment. A new approach in the fight against microorganisms.
Mit Kaltem Plasma kann man sich innovativ vom Mitbewerb differenzieren
Kaltes Plasma erlaubt profitable und effiziente Anwendung

Indeed sustainable.
By reducing to what is already there.

Our Cold Plasma Solutions only need the ambient air and selectively supplied electrical energy to function. This means that our solutions not only save on expensive operating materials and their transport, but there is also no disposable packaging or waste and no heat or cold is required. Cold plasma is therefore very sustainable and cost-effective in use.

Quite simple.
Our solutions are safe and affordable.

Start the application with cold plasma directly at the touch of a button - there is no need for complicated dosing and time-consuming addition of additives, because our solutions work without any additives. There are no risks or side effects with our integrated applications. Cold Plasma is simple and safe in operation.
Kaltes Plasma ist nachhaltig - keine zusätzliche Chemie und keine Hitzezufuhr notwendig
Bei terraplasma kommt die Wissenschaft zuerst

What drives us.
Science becomes business.

A team of scientists from the Max Planck Society has been researching on Cold Plasma since the mid 1970s. With the encouraging findings, we at terraplasma have since been successfully pursuing the goal of turning basic research into meaningful applications since 2011- for medicine, business and the home.

What makes us special.
Experience and creativity.

Since our foundation in 2011, we at terraplasma have been dealing with the topic of Cold Plasma from a scientific perspective with a business management point of view at the same time. Together with our customers from a wide range of industries, we have been able to gain extensive experience with a wide range of applications and contribute our comprehensive know-how.
Ideen für den Einsatz von Kaltem Plasma

Your company and Cold Plasma

Would you like to know more about the diverse business opportunities with Cold Plasma? Then contact us today – we look forward to your query!

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