Product Development.

We bring your ideas to live.

You have the application idea, we take care of the planning and implementation in a commercial product together with you. In addition to looking at the market, thanks to our internal rapid prototyping options, we will soon be able to use demonstrators to show how promising the application will be. Using prototypes, we then test the design, functionality and performance together and can evaluate what the end product should look like.
Geräteentwicklung von terraplasma

Always there for you
In each phase of the development.

Bringing a new product to market successfully is an exciting challenge. Because product development is a complex process that involves identifying a need or opportunity, designing and developing a solution, and bringing that solution to market. We are always at your side and support you to successfully implement an idea.

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Start of our cooperation

In addition to getting to know each other personally, we will work with you to record the general conditions and the requirements for your product or product idea.

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Idea phase

The idea phase of our joint product development process is the phase in which the product idea is formulated and evaluated in more detail. This phase is critical as it lays the foundation for the entire product development process and is critical to the success of the end product.

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Development phase

The development phase of a product refers to the actual process of creating and designing the new product. Your new product will be brought to the home stretch by means of concept development, rapid prototyping, tests and determination of the production conditions. The development phase is supervised and accompanied by our product development team, which consists of engineers, designers and other professionals with specialist knowledge.

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Commercialization phase

The commercial phase of your product refers to the phase in the life cycle when it is available to consumers and actively marketed and sold. The goal in this phase is to use the product to generate income for your company.

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Your success is our motiviaton

Our cooperation does not end with the successful commercial launch of your product – because even with the market launch there are many parameters that can be fine-tuned for optimization. And we are only satisfied when you are.

Your company and Cold Plasma

Find exactly the right application from the variety of possibilities. Individually for your product. Talk to us about the possibilities of using cold plasma for you!

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