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Patent granted for “Plasma Activated Water”

Our patent application for "Plasma Activated Water" was approved in Europe (EP3411085). The patent concerns the production of plasma-activated water for the disinfection of objects, in particular dentures and the treatment of teeth.

Chemical solutions are typically used to clean dentures, but they contain comparatively high concentrations of chemicals. The problem, however, is that these solutions are not suitable for consumption and are harmful if consumed by mistake – similar to toothpaste, which at best should not be swallowed.

Furthermore, for the bleaching of dentures and/or teeth, mostly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is used that is far above the EU limit for non-professional tooth bleaching. Here, plasma-activated water offers a safe, waste-free alternative. The patent protection gained, hence should strengthen terraplasma’s position in plasma technology even more.

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terraplasma receives U.S. patent for Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

U.S. patent granted to terraplasma, the innovation leader in the development and implementation of cold atmospheric plasma (cold plasma for short) applications. The United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) granted a patent under the number US 11,628,050B2 for the “Apparatus and method for treating objects, in particular teeth and dentures”. The invention relates in detail to a device and method for treating, in particular cleaning objects (in particular dental objects and/or teeth) with so-called “Plasma Activated Water (PAW)”.

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Start of research project on surface disinfection

Garching near Munich, April 25, 2023 – Clean start at terraplasma, the innovation leader in the field of development and implementation of applications with cold atmospheric plasma (Cold Plasma for short). Representatives of the Chair for Medical Technology Materials and Implants at the Technical University of Munich and terraplasma met on the joint research project “Plasma-activated mist for disinfecting surfaces” that started on April 17th at the company’s premises in Garching near Munich. The first personal kick-off meeting took place under the motto “plasmaTOP – disinfect surfaces without chemicals or heat”.

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