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Takeover of terraplasma medical GmbH by the Viromed Group

Today, the major proclamation about the takeover of the Terraplasma medical GmbH by the Viromed Plasma GmbH, a subsidiary of the Viromed Group was announced. However, the Terraplasma, a spinoff of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics will continue to play the part as a partner with the Terraplasma medical GmbH and contribute its expertise in the field of cold atmospheric plasmas in the forthcoming days. With plasma care®, the Terraplasma medical GmbH has developed and launched products that make use of the atmospheric plasma with the capabilities to treat chronic and non-healing wounds and these products were the based the research results of the same from Max Planck Institute. Additionally, the Terraplasma medical GmbH along with plasma care® has also designed and launched mobile medical devices which are the results of plasma technology that can be used to treat chronic and acute wounds.

The collaborative goal of the Viromed and the Terraplasma is to forge together a world’s leading company and to be the eminent innovators for developing medical technologies infused with cold atmospheric plasma in a wider range.

Cold atmospheric plasma is highly efficient in inactivating bacteria, multi-resistant pathogens including viruses and fungi both physically and chemically. Therefore, its application in medical technology can revolutionise and, in some cases, replace the conventional treatment methodologies. For instance, Cold plasma can be used to prevent infections in the post-surgical wounds. Therapeutically, cold atmospheric plasma could be a better option for nursing chronic, long-standing, and non-healing wounds. Treatments using cold plasma reduces the antibiotic and cortisone usage. Moreover, it neither causes an allergic side effect nor pain. To make use of this wonderful capability of cold plasma, The plasma care® product line developed by terraplasma medical GmbH, will be subjected to a further expansion in the future.

Lower drug usage and lesser resistance:

In recent years, the clinical observations revealed that this new therapy using cold plasma has not only effective in bactericidal and wound-healing property but also in reducing the nursing and dressing costs of the wounds. In addition, it has also been proven to reduce the post operative complications and longer hospital stays. With the reduction in the usage of antibiotics, the emergence and prevalence of resulting drug resistance is prevented, and only fewer anti-inflammatory drugs could be administered in dermatology. Lastly, Cold plasma on successful therapy could be used to treat the wounds on the legs of a diabetic patient and open sores in the legs.



Unterzeichung der Übernahme von terraplasma medical durch die Viromed Group
PD Dr. Julia Zimmermann, CEO of terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Society and Jens Kirsch, CEO of terraplasma medical GmbH

“With the new beginning of Viromed and Terraplasma medical, the existing and successful cooperation would be appreciably made stronger and expanded especially, in the broad marketing of the plasma care® product range”, says Uwe Perbandt. The Perbandt family holds the ownership of Viromed Group through its holding company, Perbamed Invest GmbH.

Jens Kirsch, CEO of Terraplasma medical, is extremely pleased to acquire the strong sales and financial support and partnership in the Viromed Group. Similarly, Julia Zimmermann, CEO of Terraplasma, is very positive and enthusiastic about continuing in developing innovative medical solutions with Terraplasma medical and successfully establishing in the market.

“The retiring shareholders of the investor group in Kuenheim Familiaris are proud to have accompanied such a successful company development,” says Fabian von Kuenheim.

Übernahme von terraplasma medical durch die Viromed Group
Dr Christian O. Zschocke von Morgan (centre), Lewis & Bockius and colleagues representing the Perbandt investor family

Immense support from Max Planck Innovation:

The Max Planck Innovation, the pivotal organisation for technology transfer in the Max Planck Society, has enormously supported Terraplasma from its starting stages, specifically in consulting, patenting of research results, licensing and as representative of shareholder. “We are pleased with the Max Planck spin-off terraplasma about the great success with the subsidiary of terraplasma medical in which, among other things, findings from the basic research on cold plasma at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics have already been successfully transferred to patient applications. We wish terraplasma and its new strong partner Viromed Plasma every success in the development and introduction of new products from terraplasma medical for many other medical applications,” says Ulrich Mahr, member of the management board of Max Planck Innovation.

Press release

terraplasma receives U.S. patent for Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

U.S. patent granted to terraplasma, the innovation leader in the development and implementation of cold atmospheric plasma (cold plasma for short) applications. The United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) granted a patent under the number US 11,628,050B2 for the “Apparatus and method for treating objects, in particular teeth and dentures”. The invention relates in detail to a device and method for treating, in particular cleaning objects (in particular dental objects and/or teeth) with so-called “Plasma Activated Water (PAW)”.

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Press release

Start of research project on surface disinfection

Garching near Munich, April 25, 2023 – Clean start at terraplasma, the innovation leader in the field of development and implementation of applications with cold atmospheric plasma (Cold Plasma for short). Representatives of the Chair for Medical Technology Materials and Implants at the Technical University of Munich and terraplasma met on the joint research project “Plasma-activated mist for disinfecting surfaces” that started on April 17th at the company’s premises in Garching near Munich. The first personal kick-off meeting took place under the motto “plasmaTOP – disinfect surfaces without chemicals or heat”.

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